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3D Laser Scanning Survey

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This method of obtaining accurate 3D models is a ground-based laser scanning. The use of terrestrial laser scanning is commonly employed across various fields, inclusive of deformation measurement, quality control and topographical surveying, as well as the monitoring of cultural heritage.

Purpose of 3D Laser Scanner

The utilization of 3D scan data facilitates the creation of floor plans, elevations, and accurate as-built drawings. When combined with HDR photography, this fusion produces highly realistic representations and visualizations. The integration of 3D laser scanning is crucial for developing 3D models and Building Information Models (BIMs).

Benefits of This Survey Type

Data collection is an important benefit since it allows more detailed investigation to be carried out in the future without having to return to the site again. It has been determined that the data gathered is of high accuracy, which makes it a valuable tool for determining the feasibility of extending the core of a building. Conventional techniques are not suitable for some situations, such as hazardous environments. There are many advantages to using a remote surveying method in this situation as well.

Expectations from Our Team

To achieve the highest level of detail and functionality, C&B Surveys utilizes the latest 3D scanning technology, capturing 2 million of points per second. With this tool, extracting coordinates and measured distances from point clouds becomes a swift and effortless process. Numerous output formats are at your disposal, including AutoCAD drawings in both 2D and 3D, point clouds, rectified images, and more.

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