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Engineering Survey

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A specialized service dedicated to the precise extraction and application of design points in the physical space. Focused on construction projects, it ensures accuracy in execution and captures vital as-built data for comprehensive documentation.

Using Leica TS16 1” total stations, points can be set out to within a few millimetres.

Purpose of Engineering Survey

Engineering Surveys entail a specialized service focused on meticulously extracting specific points from a design and accurately translating them onto the physical space. This process is integral to the construction industry, providing a precise framework for executing building projects. Additionally, Engineering Surveys involve capturing as-built data, documenting the real-world conditions of a construction project. This documentation occurs either upon completion or at various stages during development, offering valuable insights for quality control, compliance, maintenance, renovation, and dispute resolution. The service operates on the principle of continuous innovation, incorporating the latest spatial technology to deliver excellence and exceptional value for a range of projects, from large-scale commercial ventures to industrial and domestic applications.

Benefits of Engineering Survey

The benefits of Engineering Surveys are multifaceted and contribute significantly to the success of construction projects. Some key advantages include:

  • Precision and Accuracy: Engineering Surveys provide highly accurate data, ensuring precise execution of construction projects by accurately marking design points in the physical space.
  • As-Built Documentation: The service captures detailed as-built data, offering a comprehensive record of the actual conditions of a construction project. This documentation is valuable for quality control, compliance, and future maintenance.
  • Efficient Planning and Decision-Making: By accurately transferring designs into the real world, Engineering Surveys support efficient planning and decision-making processes throughout the construction lifecycle.
  • Cost Savings: The accuracy provided by Engineering Surveys helps prevent costly errors, minimizing the need for rework and ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  • Time Efficiency: The precise data obtained from Engineering Surveys streamlines the construction process, contributing to project timelines and deadlines.
  • Continuous Innovation: The service adopts the latest spatial technology, reflecting a commitment to continuous innovation and ensuring clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions.
  • Versatility: Engineering Surveys cater to a range of spatial requirements, from large-scale commercial and industrial projects to domestic applications.

Expectations from Our Engineering Surveys

When you choose our Engineering Surveys service, you can anticipate a tailored and comprehensive approach:

  • Collaborative Engagement: We work closely with clients and project managers, ensuring that the specific points crucial to your project are incorporated into our service.
  • Customizable Range: Our service is flexible, ranging from setting out key points only to a full point service. This adaptability allows us to align with the unique needs and scope of your construction project.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: We go beyond the initial survey by offering an ongoing service. This includes monitoring the points throughout the project’s duration to ensure their continued accuracy. This proactive approach safeguards against deviations and ensures the reliability of the survey data throughout the construction lifecycle.
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