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Feature Surveys

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A Feature Survey is a meticulously measured and scientifically mapped scaled diagram of your land and its features. Also known as a Topographic or Land Detail Survey, it provides precise information about the height and location of both significant natural and manufactured features, along with ground levels and contours.

Purpose of a Feature Survey
To produce a scaled diagram of a specific land area, systematically measuring and accurately mapping its natural and man-made features. This survey provides essential information about the precise locations and elevations of significant elements, including ground levels and contours. Feature Surveys, also known as Topographic or Land Detail Surveys, serve as foundational data for various professionals, such as architects, civil engineers, and planners, enabling informed decisions in design, project management, and legal documentation of property boundaries.

Utilization of Feature Survey

Professionally produced topographic surveys serve as legal documents to define property boundaries. Architects, civil engineers, and planners leverage these surveys for decision-making in design and project management.

Benefits of Feature Survey

he benefits of a Feature Survey are manifold:

  • Accurate Planning: Feature Surveys provide precise information about the boundaries, natural and man-made features, and levels of a site, aiding accurate planning for development projects.
  • Legal Documentation: Professionally produced Feature Surveys can be used as legal documents to define property boundaries, ensuring clarity in land ownership and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Architects, civil engineers, and planners rely on Feature Surveys to make well-informed decisions regarding design, project management, and compliance with planning regulations.
  • Preventing Costly Assumptions: Accurate surveys prevent costly assumptions about site size, ground levels, and the positions of surrounding buildings, avoiding potential errors in construction projects.
  • Efficient Maintenance: Feature Surveys help in proactive planning for maintenance and preservation work on structures, ensuring longevity and minimizing the risk of unforeseen issues..

Duration of Feature Survey
The timeframe varies based on the scale and intricacy of the intended project. After surveying the site, it typically takes a few additional days to produce the required drawings.

Expectations from Our Feature Surveys
Our Feature Surveys promise meticulous detail, precisely measured and tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements. The outcomes can vary, encompassing basic 2D plans to intricate 3D AutoCAD drawings. To maintain the utmost quality control, our surveyors personally review and edit their surveys, guaranteeing accurate recording and presentation of all relevant details.

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