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Machine Guidance

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Machine Guidance involves a range of methods designed to improve the productivity of agricultural, mining, and construction equipment. This concept typically involves the integration of GPS, Motion Measuring Units (MMU), and other devices into on-board systems, providing comprehensive information about the machine’s movement in 3, 5, or 7 axes of rotation.

Purpose of Machine Guidance

Machine control, a broader term under the Machine Guidance umbrella, involves integrating positioning tools into construction, mining, or farming machinery. This integration determines the machine’s position relative to Earth and a desired design surface, mining task, or cultivation technique.

Applications of Machine Guidance
In the realm of machine control, machine guidance systems present essential information within the vehicle cabin, assisting operators in guiding the machine and controlling its implements for activities like contouring the terrain, extracting minerals in mining, or sowing seeds in agriculture.

Benefits of Machine Guidance
Machine automation systems, often referred to as automated machine guidance (AMG), directly steer the machine, achieving levels of precision beyond what human operators could achieve.

Expectations from Our Machine Guidance
GPS Machine Guidance Surveying provides a thorough service that includes creating design plans and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for intended surface regrading and civil works. Our skilled surveyors, using cutting-edge software, customize surface models and designs to fulfill precise requirements for cut/fill, volume, and soil importation/exportation. The resulting data is presented in easily comprehensible plans and a file format suitable for direct uploading to machine guidance equipment, ensuring smooth integration into your operational processes.

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