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Quarry Surveys

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Quarry and mineral surveys involve the comprehensive mapping of a site specifically designated for the excavation or storage of mined mineral resources.

Purpose of Quarry and Mineral Survey
These surveys serve various purposes, including mapping the entire quarry, profiling rock faces, and conducting blast analysis before and after work. They are instrumental in calculating mineral extraction quantities for royalty assessments, providing independent verification of earthworks volumes, and ensuring compliance with planning restrictions.

Benefits of a Quarry or Mineral Survey
Initiating a quarry or mineral survey generates precise data crucial for assessing value and strategically planning for the future development of the quarry.

Expectations from Our Quarry Surveys
Our surveys deliver a 3D contoured terrain model of the quarry, volume calculations for production, and, when conducted using UAVs, a photo mosaic of the quarry. This mosaic allows superimposition of contours and features, providing a comprehensive visual representation of the quarry’s topography.

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