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Volumetric Surveys

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A volumetric survey is a crucial aspect of surveying that focuses on earthwork calculation. This involves calculating the area and volume of earthwork to optimize overall construction costs by achieving a balance between the cut and fill of soil on the site.

Purpose of a Volumetric Survey

This survey specifically and accurately measures the volume of a stockpile or earthworks. It plays a vital role in minimizing construction costs by ensuring efficient soil management on the site.

Applications of a Volumetric Survey

Volumetric surveys serve as an independent measure for quarry operators and subcontractors, facilitating the agreement on a bill of quantities. This ensures precise quantity assessments for effective project planning.

Expectations from Our Volumetric Surveys

Our volumetric surveys provide both qualitative and quantitative data presented in a 3D format. Additionally, if specified for the project, aerial photography and video documentation are included, enhancing the comprehensive understanding of the site and its earthwork characteristics.

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