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Consultancy & Surveying Solutions

C&B SURVEY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD As a leading provider of surveying and drafting services, provides the highest standards of workmanship to its clients.


C&B Survey has been stablished in 2023 by Amir who is original director with over 15 years of experience. 

Our Mission

Creating enduring client partnerships by combining people, technology, and innovation.

Our Vision

As a leader in the provision of surveying and geospatial solutions, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. 

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C&B Survey

With a dedicated team of surveyors operates across Australia, offering comprehensive surveying services to meet the needs of our clients.

A range of surveying services are provided by our surveyors, including aerial services, laser scanning, engineering, land development, spatial data management, and analytical procedures. 

Services we offer

In addition to its professional surveying services, C&B has the resources and personnel to meet the needs of its clients.

Drone Survey

Aerial surveys are a method of collecting geomatics or other imagery UAVs (drones). Aerial surveys can provide information on many ...

Machine Guidance

The term Machine Guidance is used to describe a wide range of techniques which improve the productivity of agricultural, mining ...

3D Laser Scanning Survey

Terrestrial laser scanning is a ground-based, method that rapidly and cheaply acquires accurate 3D models. Terrestrial laser scanning has applications ...

Utility Survey

A Utility Survey or Underground Survey is used to check for any below ground wiring or pipes to locate water, power ...

Elevation Survey

We have carried out elevation surveys of a wide variety of structures throughout the Australia and overseas including bridges, historic ...

Quarry Surveys

What are quarry and mineral surveys? A quarry survey is the mapping of a site that is specifically used for ...

BIM Surveys

With the growing adoption of BIM by the construction and property sectors, quality measured survey data is integral for many ...

Monitoring Survey

A monitoring survey measures the small changes in vertical and horizontal position, either in real-time or as part of ...

Engineering Surveys

Accurate points will allow for accurate construction and excavation, which prevents costly errors from being made. Using Leica TS16 1” ...

Volumetric Surveys

Earthwork calculation is one of the most important segments of surveying. It is necessary to calculate the area and volume

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Values we uphold

In short, our values describe who we are, what we stand for, and how we conduct ourselves.

All of our work is guided by these principles, which were developed in collaboration with our team.

Our Project

Our proficiency guarantees the delivery of top-notch and precise survey solutions for each project you involve us in.  

Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project

In his capacity as a surveyor with Auspat Land Survey, Amir provided surveying services for the project’s Eastern District.

As part of our involvement, Amir worked on the North Melbourne and Parkville stations. For the station boxes, the initial work consists of the construction of pilings and diaphragm walls etc. 

Bridge Inn Roud Upgrade

Bridge Inn Road is to be widened between Plenty and Yan Yean Roads, new traffic lights will be installed, intersections will be upgraded, and a new bridge will be constructed over Plenty River.

C&B has provided a full range of surveying services. 

Westgate Tunnel Project

There are several aspects of the West Gate Tunnel Project, including a 5-kilometre tunnel under the Maribyrnong River, upgrading and enlarging the freeway from 8 to 12 lanes, and constructing bridges, river crossings, and elevated roads. For Auspat Land Survey at section M80, Amir provided surveying services.